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Late at night, when we would meet
I'd tell you all my dreams
Until the light, we would talk
For hours so it seemed
Of friends and life, things to do
People that we met
places, songs,our love for life
and all our past regrets
Friends forever, we talked of hope
And heartaches that never die
Throughout the months, we became so close
You even held me when I would cry
My love for you was always there
even though you never knew
Until one night, what we thought was right
you asked me to be with you
When I'd come on, and see your name
all the pain would leave
you made me laugh, and teach my hope
and tell me to believe
That even through the distance
your heart belonged to me
Noone could ever replace the faith
we were just meant to be...
Then something changed late one night
Not sure if it was you or what
no longer words of longing love
but a piece of your heart you shut
you locked me out of a life of dreams
stopped loving me right then
You said I never gave you time
to be with all your friends
I bitched alot, and told you off
thinking I would win
not wanting to really believe
a life without me you were about to begin
so for the last 3 nights
I'd fight, I'd whine,,I'd cry
I thought our love would last forever
and without you I would die
See in my mind, I know I'm wrong
and you no longer want me near
But in my heart,theres still the love
and things you need to hear
I'm sorry for the times we fought
and I thank you for the dreams
I loved your sexy smile
and the times you made me *scream*
And I want you to know that I'll always be near
to hold you when your sad
If you promise to remember...
the friendship we once had