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~~Soul Swimming...

Deep blue Thoughts
In a dark black sky
Hold tight the Illusions
The Secrets you cry

That swim in the mind
Of the colorless void
and unable to find
The love you destroyed

To sink upon light
to become lost without dreams
Unable to fight
You let out the scream

Of the darkest of hope
and the light of the dawn
no will to cope
no longer a song

drown deep in my soul
my lover friend
a feeling unwhole
we'll take til the end

For soul swimming leaves
The weak unprepared
To crawl on their knees
and to challenge the dare

That comes with the dreams
and the joys and the pain
The thoughtless illuisons
that shatter the rain

That love really isn't all that we need
or the feeling of longing to live
but the helpless tears and greed
that only hate tends to give

In the soul theres a place,that captures the hate
and the tears to make you forget
to lose the dreams pace,you must follow your fate
and fear no longer regrets

So let sins and heartaches
take the place in the loveless heart
For soul swimming breaks
the pain from the start

and swim in the blue
and lessen your tears
always stay true
to lifes little fear

And search your deep self
and wonder with hope
Leave your fears on the shelf
And learn how to cope

let the heartches rest
And Listen to lifes sound
For Soul swimming is the test
and if you fail...'ll drown
Violet Whispers..98'