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Below you'll find some links to the music I like. Theres alot more..but for now this is what I had time to do.. The Pic at the bottom is from when Jess went to see *SP* a few years ago..Billy himself *her god* gave it to her and she wont let me take it off! (One day cheeka!) ..

Matchbox20: Dora's MB20 lyrics and things!
Matchbox20: ...Back 2 Good...
Sarah McLachlan: Christan's Page..very good!
NIN: No Need for words here...
Children Of the Korn: Freak...
OurladyPeace: *Carnival*...Love this band!
Barenaked Heaven: BNL!!BNL!!BNL!!
Queen: They are the Champions!
RadioHead: Duh cuz they own you.
Rocky Horror Picture Show: RiffRaff is My God..
Metallica Encylopedia: Really good Metallica site..
ULTIMATE ARTIST:Alice in Chains:Just go here..
Lords Of Acid: Marijuana in your brain..
Sublime: Stacie's Sublime page. Not much stuff but it's cute.
ICP: Insane Clown Posse Beautiful people the beautiful people Just becuz SP owns.. Steven Tyler PJ's!!!!!!!!!!
Type O Negative: Damn he's tall. Peter Steele WOOHOO!
LOADed Metallica: And nothing else matters..
U2: Where the streets have no name..
Madonna: Sorry I love Madonna..
Elton John: Funeral For a Friend

These are links to lyrics pages, and mp3 search engines. Go to the music pages, learn to love the band, come back here and find their work available for your home puter :P

Lyrics:Every lyric your heart could desire..
Chaos MP3 Search Engine..: Find some really good mp3's here..
..::[]::..: A *great* mp3 search run by the people of #mp3 on EfNet (IRC)