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Amongst the rain....

Amongst the rain..the dead doth walk
screaming words to talk
to hunt and scrounge and dig out hate
the evil death ...a souless fate

To rip and tear and leave you dead
no longer able to clear your head
you run and hide afraid of fear
hoping in the rain you'll hear

The love that passes through the night
a true love for the rain
once thought to bring you tears of joy
now only brings you pain

That long ago you sent away
never to return
now its back and here to stay
your soul will never learn

For in the mist of souless rain
hangs the clouds of death
once thought to bring the flowers again
now brings the heartless rest

That shatters joys and remains still
you hear a heartless laugh
tear streaked souls waiting to kill
with thier jagged glass

Run through the rain and wash away
The killer of the soul
pray for the sunlight..a new day
To make your life once whole

So stay ahead of shadows
and run when they try to talk..
remember dreams are everywhere
But Amongst the rain... ...the dead doth walk