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This page takes a long time to load..Im sorry..I'm just lazy and have it set up this way *g*,the new ones are at the bottom, they start at creeping pain..if you don't want to read them all just click *duh* which one ya wanna read..ain't I a bitch.....YAY!! The Blonde did it!!!
~Violet Whispers~
Dead Red Rose..
Just a little poem
Silent Screams
My Soul
Graveless Hill
Through the Eyes of a Child
Touch of Love
Love at a Distance
Creeping Pain
Shadow Stealer
Missing Stars
Do You
New Love
Timeless emotions runs through the wynd
As the daylight descends on your heart
Countless hours of what has been
Soul searching right from the start

Two strangers meet in a place so new Over a name that once held dreams Who would of thought that out of the few Your love would embrace my screams

You came into my life when the rain washed away All the hope that I had from the soul But its you and your love that promised to stay and make my life again whole

Countless nights we whispered our cares our loves, our dreams, our life So many times we've said lifes so unfair then you asked me to be your wife

From a million miles and a thousands stars We've tested our faith and showed our love Throughout the weeks,no matter how far We've counted our dreams in those stars above

And through all our tears,pain and joy You've held my soul within Theres nothing on earth that can destroy The lifetime we're about to begin

So please take my hand and close your eyes Hear the whispers I send from my heart As I silently pray to the deep dark sky For a love that will never part

And starting this day and forever more I hope that you shall see Its only you that I love and adore Forever..eternity

~~dead red rose
      Come dream with me my little friend
      Give me your hand and lets pretend
      The stars are out the moon is high
      Just come with me, I'll make you fly
      To the highest points in your life  
      Then turn on you..let you die         
      Take you through the darkest skys
      tie your hands ..make you lie
      In the earth so deep and wet
      I'll steal your soul without regret
      leave you there to decompose
      and  leave my mark...
      a dead red rose
This next one prolly wont make sense to Neone but who it was written for..He knows who he is, and he knows what it means.. other than that..well...
     Someone is new,invading my mind
     With thoughts no longer there...
     How can I steal poor souls of lost
     when I found out somebody cared

     Its not the thought of being hurt
     Or even falling in love
     Its the thought of sharing things
     like the stars in the sky above

     those belong to everyone
     that I cant deny
     But when a soul comes to your door
     What should you do? not cry...

     you let the soul come to your heart
     and take it in your arms
     You embrace it close and hold on tight
     and show it all your charms

     for when the minds no longer there
     and thoughts just fade away
     just beware of *random*
     he may come for you some day...
......ok...glad ya enjoyed that one...heres just something uh...just cuz for some reason it came to me...
in the moonlit darkness of a persons  mind
so many things to try and find
a bond of hope in a rain filled sky..
do we weep or do we try
to find the difference between a friend
or something lost til the end.
..cute..whatever...this one here, I wrote for a very dear friend of mine named Howard..Ive known him for a few years..we've gone through alot together, lately..its like its all falling apart.. maybe thats what happens to friends you meet online..either way..I'll always love him and care about him..
When things are not quite what they seem
like in a nightmare or a dream
and evil thoughts invade your mind
its time to find a friend thats kind

but friendships die..the fun stops there
I always told you I would care
but you've taken life ,tossed it aside
and  come to me to confide

of loves lost hope and all the pain
my tears for you, fall like soft rain
so many times you've brought me back
from the edge of death,the days of black

of tears so hard they washed the moon
of fright filled  nights of dark and gloom
we'd laugh at sorrow and cry for hope
I hated my life, I couldnt cope

till a friend embraced me from the heart
and told me things ,like we'd never part
but days would die and nights would scream
I needed you then,or so it seemed

but then lost hopes came crashing down
i moved into another town
and we lost track of all our times
of sky filled nights and nursery rhymes

and in its place a shadow dawned
I always thought that I belonged
I guess the evil wicked games 
have started now,and will. remain

but you need to know the loves still there
you cannot say i didnt care
for in these times of all your  pain
my love for you is still the same

so place your tears  upon my breast
in my arms you shall rest
just always be the same to me
and I will listen,,you will see

so for now, and ever more
when  you need to cry, come to  my door
and I forever  shall you see
be the friend you need....
   just me.. more,..maybe 2..this next one deals with thoughts of suicide..sorry, I know alot of ppl dont like the idea of that... but you times..well..
~Candles on the table
Dripping with flame
Pills in her hand
She crys out his name

As the wynd blows the magic
from out of his eyes
She searchs her nightmares
lays there and crys

For hope disappered
 as love left the room
Shes come to her end
now it's sadness and gloom

For the love that she shared 
and hoped for one day
Hurts more than the pain
and for that, her soul will pay

So with pills in her hand
and tears in her heart
she whispers his name
this world she departs
hmmm...that one made a few ppl mad..sorry... ok the next one is for Jess...seems shes even scarier than I.. but I love her and she knows it...*SmWeEeEChIeS* Chicka :P
When the sun comes up
I go down
To the under world
my underground
Where ppl never want to see
my real self, The real me
I close the blinds
And lock the doors
Music loud, lay on the floor
Shut my eyes and try to sleep
deep dark thoughts start to creep
in my mind, in my head
I start to think,I need my bed
Up all night, with all my friendz
A Vampyres life never ends
But when the sun comes up
then I am outta luck,
its time for me to sleep all day
my name is Silverphuq~~
ok..for those of you that dont know...Jess stays on this thing from night till dawn...then she crawls up to her lil closet ...and there she hangs til the night creeps back..ok..I had a few more that I wanted to add, but for now,this is kewl..If you dont like them, fine.Im not asking you to..There will be more added soon.. for outta here...cya.... more...dont ask my just happened..
 Midnight Hours, Midnight dreams
Sacred heartaches, silent screams
Whisper deep in thoughts of illusion
Shattered by the grave delusion
That life at times seems so unfair
Do friends Exsist..and do they care?
Hurtful evil wicked lies
Are told as tears fall from her eyes
to a love no longer within reach
as you sit upon a secluded beach
To gaze upon the lifeless sand
Of secret longings of other lands
to stand and reach and scream his name
For her its love, for him a game
She looks upto the stars above
For in her heart is all the love
She'd sprinkle on his midnight dreams
But for now, its just silent screams
ok this is new, I just wrote this like the other night and its the
one that Ive entered into this contest..i know its not the best,,but it 
means alot to me...
The night crawls on...the feelings change
Hearts being broken..lovers complain
Of feelings deep within the soul
Of emptiness...of longing..of pain so deep
Of loneliness and tears...
Shattered realizations that life really is
Nothing but fears...
And dreams that never really appear
Tales of heartache reach to the sky
Why...when the soul crys..
Love dies...
Emptiness fills the place that
Once held the key to space
The darkness lingers in the corners
Of the coldest thoughts of the dream
And somewhere,in the deepest crevice
Of your heart..there you'll find
My soul.
This is for Alex he knows what it means.. 

Flying high in the heavens
Chasing your dreams
Not knowing the outcome
of lifes little schemes

To dream of a romance
across millions of stars
Forever in slow dance
The pain from afar

To cry from nightmares
and forget about hope
to know that he cares
makes life easier to cope

But times in your life
the view must change
souless at first
Heartaches remain

The wind in the trees
shatters lifes little dreams
you move to  a new nightmare
and then start the screams

Of pain and depression
a powerless void
Of ones sole obession
a life left destroyed

So helpless and deserted
a wingless flight
Eyes searching in darkness
for a small ray of light

to hold and fly high
in the wyld blue ray
to scream and rebell
just wanting to stay

So hold true to the dreams
that youve always held dear
fly away love,,,
  I'll always be here.
This is for Halo.. I hope it worked. :P
~Gravless hill
As the dark sky falls
And tears remain still
My time for death calls
On a graveless hill

Sunstreaked pain washes away
The soul once obsessed with your love
But heartaches now are here to stay
No help from the heavens above

In a dream world so full 
Of patience and care
I cried til I thought
You'd always be there

But darkness surrounds
On a brightest light
And with all lost hope
I gave up the fight

To wander through dreams
In timeless skies
I sit with your soul
And wipe the tears from my eyes

I climb to the top of my graveless hill
To die without you knowing
I love you still..
Tears from twilight
whispering pain
Thoughts of illusion
in a hate filled rain

stars of dust
losing their  light
heartless tears
on a cold lonely night

denying the joy
Of lifes little dream
a soul once lost
fades away with a scream.

This one's a couple years old.. kinda different from my other stuff
Through The Eyes Of a Child~

Through the eyes of a child
On a crisp winters morn
This is how I feel 
My love for you is born 
Filled with Passion and wonder 
Tender moments in time 
Soul mates forever 
My love for you shines 

Through the eyes of a teen 
When fireworks fly 
Warm tender touches 
Our love will not die 
Forever we waited 
To hold each other close 
Night time and sunsets 
I love you the most 

Through the eyes of a woman                                
Filled with love from my heart 
Together for always 
Till Death do us part 

Some of you know I used to go by this name. This one's also old but I thought I'd put it here.. 
~Touch of Love
In the cold corners of your shadow
 I long to feel your touch
 Reaching out beyond the stars 
Do you know I love you this much? 
I find you in my dreams
Lightyears from my reach
Souls become one
On our own secluded beach
Love under the stars
Millions of dreams away 
we talk about our future 
We talk about *one day* 
For now I have to tell you 
I love you more than life 
I'llalways be your friend 
I'll always be your wife 
I'll take you in my arms
and thank the stars above
that brought your heart to me
that tender touch of love 

.....this is for all the ppl out there that *loves* to play game
with ppls hearts.....

Broken by an angel
shattered by his song
waiting for his touch
that never came along
whispering your secrets
to a soul that just dont care
giving all your love
to someone who doesnt share
Tear drops on my pillow
heartaches day by day
longing for his words
that never come your way
wishing on the stars
that once shined in his eyes
never really believing
what he said was lies
but truth comes into light
and tears fall softly down
he loves you then he leaves you
as you walk around
in a daze for weeks
you hunger for a sign
that truely would bring his love
and prove that he was mine
but after all you give
he really didnt care
broken by an angle
who promised always to be there......

This is for all of you whos love is across the stars...

In my room
Lights down low
Music fills the air
Candle flames
Shadow dance
As I wonder if your there

A million stars
Shine in your eyes
As your face appears to me
Longing dreams..
A wanting touch
Our thoughts start running free

Across the world
Lights on low
You softly call my name
Somehow knowing
That no matter what
Our thoughts are always the same

A tender tear
Falls gently down
As i close my eyes
The only console
The distance brings
Is that you cant see my cry

We *see* the words
We both long to hear
Hoping that one day
We'll gaze into
Each others eyes
And know just what to say

But for now
All we do is wish
To hold each other tight
As the words we say
Flash across the screen
To each other this lonely night

See all I want
Is to whispers words
And show you that I care
To hold your hand
Hear your laugh
All I want is to be there

With you at night
And the morning dawn
A touch with no resistance
But all we have
For now my dear
A forever a distance
This is something I wrote this past winter..If you've ever felt so alone..

Creeping Pain

Silent trembles, raining tears
Terror screams again unheard
Dark and cold, this rain soaked night
A life alone, you live in fright
Not knowing or caring
Unwanted by love
You raise your hands to the thunder above
Wishing stars hide from the view
Crushing down on the hearts so few
To live a lie and hide the shame
Once again its all the same
Wondering thoughts, creeping pain
You die lost the game.
 This past winter I was really ill..I also lost someone very close to me..not by sicknes
or death,,just by my stupid mistakes..Something was stolen from us..I'm just trying
to get it back.

Shadow Stealer
Shadow stealer in the night
sends quivers through your soul
Running through the starless sky
Not knowing where to go

Sunless shadows chasing dreams
Creeping through the endless dark
leaving love behind the tears
the legend of its mark

Losing battles never won
crashing hearts no longer strong
Deafening screams inside your head
wishing shadows gone

Sacred whispers hushed in the wind
Running from the thought
Stainless tears streak the dawn
knowing now your shadows caught

In the dream that flashes through
A timeless love to be
Never really letting go
but wanting to be free

To fly in the starlight
and kiss the wind
To hold close the emotions
love once was to give

Shadows stolen in the dark
a love not strong enough to hold
A sensless grief,tormenting soul
as your blood runs forever cold

Lay down your head
upon the lifeless stone
Realized now what the stealer stole
now determind...a life alone.
..I don't know what to say about this..but..well...sometimes things in
life suck..know what I mean?

Missing Stars

Somewhere in the souless sky
My pain calls out to you
Touching whispers through the night
For I dont know what to do

Our love shines high in the sky above
But not this dark and lonely night
For beyond the shadows of the storm
Somethings just not right

It seems to be the more you love
the more they take away
Even through the pain we feel
Our love is here to stay

I'm missing you my deepest love
but not because your far
Im missing love... my life
becuz of the missing stars~~
depressed enough yet?..wait it gets better!!!!..This is what happens
when you think your alone in the world.


Rippling water..shadows songs
lusting heartache...string along
Walking silence..shattering screams
Losing sight..far away dreams
tearing souls...fleeing scared
wonders longer there
Sleepless angels...wingless doves
no longer capable...
      longer loved
This ones for jess..I wrote it last year when she was having a hard time
in love,,sometimes..things just dont work out how you really want them to do they?


In a whisper of truth,
you tell me lies
not caring how i feel
but the countless tears
and feelings of lost
just start to be so real
you'd tell me your dreams
of midnight skys
and walking hand in hand
but i know your words
you mess around with my mind
and its more than  my heart can stand
losing a love
crushes the soul
and causes the deepest of pain
but holding onto a love 
that doesnt belong
seems sensless to stay in the game
I wanted to be 
everything that you dreamed
soft kisses
that held you at night
but somewhere between 
the song and the dream
you decided I wasnt right
see I am the one 
who would comfort your  pain
and wake you at the dawn
but your the one 
who'd laugh at my fears
and tell me im always wrong
so as free as the wind
in the endless sky
I let your hand go free
but please remember 
as the pain takes control
all i wanted was for you to love me
....Ok ..I'm not always depressed...sometimes I think of other things too!..*lol*
uhhh..lil kiddies..turn yer eyes. :P


As I lay in bed
And darkness falls
Fantasy dreams arrive
I close my eyes
Whisper your name
And bring your soul alive
I feel your touch
and hear your heart
Kiss your tender lips
hold you close
needing your love
To reach the state of bliss
To feel your tongue
Upon my breast
Take me to the stars
To take you softly
In my hands
For now your not so far
I fell in love
With just your words
Softly spoken songs
But when yer gone
I feel a loss
Is it that Im wrong?
to want your love
To feel your touch
Just to hold you close
Brings feelings that
I cant describe
In the darkness most
So late at night
when night time falls
And winds whisper in the trees
thats when my heart
Belongs to you
.....and i bring you to me...............

Oh my.....time to go *g*
..heres a few more I've managed to find....
somtimes thoughts just wonder ya know? 
Do you....
Do you ever get the feeling
That at times you dont belong....
Do you ever stop to wonder
That its your life that might be wrong

Do you ever sit and cry
Thinking.why am I still here....
Do you ever show your feelings
Instead of hiding all your fears.

Do you ever whisper softly
Hoping someones there to care.....
Do you always sit alone
with noone there to share.

Do you ever wander lonely
through a dark and stormy night
Do you always wish for dreams
And see them shatter in the light

Do you ever want to just give up
And make things go away
Do you want to hear
""your my friend...please stay""

Do you ever have the feeling
that lifes just meant to be
and how
Do you always find 
The love there is in me?
Do you understand
the way you make me feel
Do you really  know
the love we have is real
Do you want to learn
the secrets of my heart
Do you want to leave
and always be apart...

Do you want give
everything you can
Do you want to be my faith
.. always hold my hand

Do you always know
That I'm just a breath away
Do you wander aimlessly
afraid that I wont stay...

Do you know its rare
but these  words I speak are true
Do you realize
 how much I love you
uhh..not much to say about this one..I think theres a lil' bit
in everyone..

Just when things seem right
Everything goes wrong
Acting on an instinct
Learning to be strong
Outside looking in
Understand my greed
See the tears I cry
Your love,is all I need....
This ones  for Jess...and love... :)
I wish ya all da best in the world cheeka!!! 
New Love

As the days grow short
and  the stars shine high
You leave this life
as  you softly cry

Starting a   new life
With  a  soft tender touch
leaving behind  
ppl you love so much

But reality and dreams
nolonger abide 
the rules are all changing
and new loves at your side

To see the soul
of innocense shared
to be there to hold
knowing he cares

To whisper and dream
and walk hand in hand
to love like no other
from boy to a man

To be there when times
no longer can sing
to hold onto memories
a new dream he brings

You long to be loved
by the tenderest soul
to be in his arms 
and never let go

Be happy and carefree
and never lose sight
of the longing of others
who dream through the night

And always remember
where your heart belongs
sometines things are rough
and you must be strong

And smile to the stars
whisper in the winds
always be happy
as this new love begins...
...Who would have thought 1 soul held so much pain...

Hey,,all these poems are copywritten,,if you want to use them fine but just please remember where you've gotten them from