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This is a page I'm trying to put together for all you Fantasy Art...Tattoo Flash..Dark things...Freaks...Faeries... *g*...In The linx you find are going to see some truley fantastic art work ..I hope you enjoy it for as many hours as I have..This page will also be updated regularly as theres soooooooo many sites to view...

Lillys pad...FaErIeS!!....
Gothic Net:...the name says it all :P
Fantasy Art Of Elfwood: could spend weeks here!!
NeNe: she just Rawks!*
WolfBainX...: ...spent hours and hours here!
Dread's Killer Artwork: I LOVE THIS PAGE!!!!
FairyTale Tattoo Studio:...what can I say..just sit back and enjoy~
Black Magic Market:..SHOP! SHOP! SHOP!..all the dark things in life~
Fat City: ..Supplys ~n things :)
OK...I know theres not alot here yet...and That I'm not very creative when it comes to Wp's and things,but hey, at least ya came and seen what I have here... So I must have done something right *g*....cya~