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Amongst the wynd the death doth speak Of evil screams and secrets deep Of pain and passion, rage and love dark magic in the skies above Wicked evil children cry Of love they thought would never die of pain so deep it cuts within The souls of loved ones thats never been Deep in the hearts of all whos lost come creep with me,its free no cost show you places that will burn in your mind "dont trust her" , shes not that kind she'll take your soul without a glance make you see things, put you in a trance she'll burn the magic from your heart Shes been around, right from the start In the wynd they say you can hear the tears shes shed for one so near A soul she stole, without love A soul she wore like a winters glove The dead doth speak to her at night in dreams and nightmares,there is no light but the magic of the wynd is what makes her live on She'll steal your soul, then be gone so hush little babys and dont be weak For amongst the wynd, the dead doth speak.~~